Aux environs

The area around the Fontaine Gargot Estate has a rich cultural heritage, sports and activities and, above all, nature. The Fontainebleau forest has many climbing sites and is extremely beautiful when it comes to hike and climb granite rocks. Several historic castles and the city of Paris are within an hour drive. The Disneyland theme park is not far away either. Take a virtual tour of these places with our video links on the right and links to websites below.



Activities / visits

Distances from Fontaine Gargot estate in Poligny to surrounding towns : Nemours (motorway) 5 mn - St Pierre les Nemours 5 mn - Bagneaux sur Loing 3 mn - Souppes sur Loing 5 mn - 10 mn Larchant - Fontainebleau 20 min - 10 min Château Landon - Moret sur Loing 20 min - 10 Egreville mn - 30 mn Montargis - Noisy sur ecole 20 min - 25 min Montereau

Fontainebleau, bouldering paradise

Château de Fontainebleau

Disneyland Paris